Surgiss System

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Surgiss Star[edit]

An A6 Class Star, Surgiss is a blueish-white, relatively cool star. It provides enough heat to generate a thin habitable zone, which the fourth planet of the system lies in. The system comprises five planets, and a large asteroid belt - theorized by Scientists to be the remains of two further planets which collided for unknown reasons. The star is comparatively stable, very rarely emitting solar flares.

Surgiss I[edit]

A, small, desolate, half-melted rock located too close to the star to support life, Surgiss I has been noted to contain vast reserves of minerals - some Scientists predict that almost 89% of it's mass is molten metal. Several large corporations have attempted to harvest this bounty, with varying degrees of success - all eventually decide that the funding required to sustain a facility under these conditions is simply untenable.

Surgiss II[edit]

A large planet, which notably spins relative to Surgiss in such a way that the same side is always oriented towards the star - resulting in a planet half baked by solar radiation, and half frozen by the cold of space. Several large corporate outposts exist in the craters on the "dark side", some of which are almost two miles deep. This depth allows some of the planet's geothermal heat to be harnessed, providing warmth and power. A small Surgiss Defense Force garrison can be found on the planet, and it's main duties involve patrolling the dark recesses of the craters in environment suits to drive out the indigenous wildlife found there. Little information exists on these life-forms, but they are mainly classed into three categories by Xeno-specialists on the planet. Variation among these categories is massive, with few, if any, two specimens being the same. Firstly, there are "Creepers". This is the classification given to the, generally smaller, non-aggressive, lifeforms. The main threat from "Creepers" is destruction of outlying generators or wiring. Secondly, there are "Stalkers". Lifeforms of this category will often hide in the shadows when S.D.F patrols move through, before following. They will rarely attack groups of armed personnel by themselves, but often form packs. Lastly, there are "Alphas". These large, highly aggressive lifeforms are more than capable of wiping out heavily armed patrols before melting back into the shadows. Survivor reports indicate a feeling of intense terror. No live or dead specimens have been recovered to date.

No lifesigns have been detected at any point on the "Bright side", although interference from solar radiation may account for this.

Surgiss III[edit]

Surgiss III mainly exists as a gravitational anchor for orbital stations, having no atmosphere or mineral wealth to speak of. Scans indicate that an atmosphere similar to Earth-Standard exists approximately three million years ago, but dissipated in an unspecified calamity.

Surgiss IV[edit]

(Give me a while on this one)

The fourth planet in the system, towards the edge of the habitable zone, Surgiss IV is a perpetually cold planet, but heavily populated. The terrain varies between forest and tundra, with one primary landmass dominating the planet. The Planetary Capital is Arcona City, although the city was largely destroyed in the Separatist Conflict (Hyperlink will go here at some point). The world is home to just under a billion citizens, the majority being human. The planet is largely organized around the military, known as the Surgiss Defense Force, or S.D.F. This force is one of the last non-corporate military forces in human space, and is responsible for maintaining order in and around the Surgiss System. All humans are entitled to citizenship, but those not born in Surgiss must complete a 47-page form to apply for transfer. Alien species are confined to certain areas of cities, and have very few rights. Only recently has the S.D.F adopted a gender equality policy, leaving the ranks of High Command dominated by males.

Many trade ships dock at Surgiss IV, landing at Kyryg Field outside Arcona, or docking with one of the many orbital stations, off-loading goods from the rest of human space or taking on some of the mineral wealth from the other planets of the system. Deep-Space Explorers will often stop here as well, to refuel and review their charts for one last time before leaving human space.

Surgiss V[edit]

A Gas Giant, Surgiss V is home to several atmospheric harvesting stations that gather the volatile gas from it's atmosphere for refinement into fuel for the ships that make dock in the System. A source of great wealth for several internal corporations, NanoTrasen has expressed interest in obtaining one or more of the harvesting stations.