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The people that keep the server running and make sure the rest of the staff are in check:

Name & Rank Nanotrasen Character & Rank
Purlek The Host/Owner
Wolfiri GF-Host
Yashaldie Head CodeMaster of Doom
Sshado GameMaster
JamieDigweed GameMaster Lord Humphrey Second in Command, Loyal to Picketin
EmmanuelBassil Head of Staff Comrade Picketin Chief Executive Officer
Pisest Head Administrator


These are people with access to administrate the server and keep it fun for all! :)

Name & Rank Nanotrasen Character & Rank
Sydney95 Third Level Administrators Gracie Hager Classified
Tysonix Commissar Alexei Drakel Head of public affairs of NT
Scorch289 Alexander Ven Chief Engineer
Bobbob212 Second Level Administrators
Creeper Joe First Level Administrators Alfred Daehmonheim Picketin's Bodyguard


The people that are at the front line of our support!

Name & Rank Nanotrasen Character & Rank
seth12786 Third Level Moderators
SardinesQ Third Level Moderators
Hlaskey First Level Moderators

Wiki Administrators

The people who administrate over the wiki and make it awesome.

Name & Assignment
JamieDigweed Wiki Manager
Willofol Lore Master
Finriv Willo's Assistant
Creeper Joe Antagonist Specialist!
Regtaf Species Lore Expert