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This is the Space Law of the NSS Horizon, the map for the BestRP server.

What is Space Law?[edit]

Space Law is the law of space, specifically, your station/ship. This is to be followed by ALL personnel of the station. Breaking this is very, very punishable.

Interpretation of Space Law[edit]

A good working knowledge of Space Law is important for any person on the station. It can be the difference between a shiny pair of handcuffs and sipping drinks in the bar. More in-depth interpretations of Space Law are required for such positions as the Warden, Head of Personnel, Captain, and the Head of Security. For certain crimes, the accused's intent is important. The difference between 'assault' and 'attempted murder' can be very hard to ascertain. It is important to note though, that 'assault' and 'attempted murder' are mutually exclusive. You cannot be charged with 'assault' and 'attempted murder' from the same crime as the intent of each is different. Likewise, 'assault with a deadly weapon' and 'assaulting an officer' are also crimes that exclude others. Pay careful attention to the requirements of each law and select the one that best fits the crime when deciding sentence. In the case of violent crimes (assault, manslaughter, attempted murder and murder), and theft (petty, pickpocketing, and high value) take only the most severe. A single incident has a single sentence, so if, for instance, the prisoner took 3 items off someone, this is a single count of pickpocketing. Keep in mind that people that cause major mayhem (and potentially any other criminals) have probably committed more than one crime. Add the time for each case together. Aiding a criminal makes you an accomplice; you can be charged with the same crime as the person you aided. As an arresting officer, follow standard security procedures, to ensure you don't fall foul of legal proceedings.


The Captain is not above Space Law, and can be arrested by Security for breaking it. The only time that Space Law can be overridden is when there is an imminent and overwhelming threat to the station. Pardons are only legitimate if they come from a NanoTrasen higher-up (that is, someone who ranks above the Captain). Despite his high ranking, the Captain cannot spit in the face of Space Law, and any attempts to do so are crimes. If you can't find the crime listed in here you can set up a tribunal. See Legal Standard Operating Procedure. Tribunals should be held in place of hearings or trials, see Legal Standard Operating Procedure. Trials by jury or 'regular' trials are usually done very badly, so don't. Do NOT demand a tribunal for anything less than 10 minutes. You'll just be laughed at. The time you took for bringing the suspect in and the time you spend questioning are NOT to be calculated into this. This is the pure time someone spends in a cell staring at the wall. On laggy games first take a look at how quickly the cell timer tick. We don't want people to spend an eternity in jail just for stealing a pair of gloves.