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Back Story[edit]

Ah the Luna, a mighty fine ship if you ask me, wait... what do you mean its on fire again!?

                                                                              -Anonymous Captain of the Luna

The NSV Luna (NanoTrasen Science Vessel Luna) was the first deepspace ship engineered by NanoTrasen and a general purpose reseach ship.
Since the decommissioning of BayStation 12, Luna has been the first in line when it comes to research involving genetical enhanchments, Chemistry and research on the weapon useablility of the famous Plasma.
A new thread of research that takes the Luna one step further is the new prototype Engine, build around a heart of highly dense plasma (AKA Super Matter) that can on rare occasions be found in Plasma Giants.
Naturally in its nature as a prototype, the ship design was not optimal and she was refitted, and still is, countless times to adapt to the everyday life in space. While other ships are being designed at the time by NanoTrasen engineers and architects, Luna remains a valuable experience for the future of spacefaring and a strong symbol for the progress humans made and are still making in their efforts to leave their dependance to the dying resources of mother earth.

On October 5, 2553, she was stricken from the NanoTrasen Vessel register as a prototype research vessel due to the rising cost of maintaining her constantly assaulted hull and left as a target for the weapons research division. On December 25, 2554 she was heavily damaged by her new place in the weapons testing and burned up in the Jovian System Atmosphere.

The Ship Itself[edit]

The Luna is a huge, cobbled together space craft about thirty years old from the current day, built over the course of five years, at the very end of the development the original engine design was scrapped, to be replaced by a prototype supper matter engine, this caused endless problems, causing to ship to be launched a year late from the dockyards above Luna, even then, on its maiden voyage it nearly exploded due to a engineering error caused the supper matter to overheat, resulting in three dead engineer's, a ship wide bout of radiation sickness and a slagged engine core. This took three months to refit...

The next time the Luna sailed the void was arguably much more successful, in its two year outing it didn't explode once, it came close a couple of times and the majority of the hull was replaced after a particularly nasty meteor shower, half of the crew were confined to the med-bay after six months due to an unknown virus, total casualty reports after the voyage accounted for thirty percent of the crew, one had disapeared mysteriously, two engineers were kidnap by the as of then unknown vox, and the rest due to "Industrial Accidents"

Almost zero headway into plasma was researched at this time.

After yet another refit, transfer of crew, the Luna set out again, on a five year research trip to a cluster of so called "Plasma Giants" that had been spotted core-wards of the galaxy.

In transit, the blue space engines failed twice, a research probe, designed to investigate the cores of these planets, went hay wire and killed two science members. narrowly avoiding a meteor shower as the engines were repaired again. setting out in transit again, The Luna and her crew finally made it to the reported position of the Plasma Giants, the first system they investigated was being consumed by a super nova, this was documented, and a probe left to record its findings, the second system was devoid of any planets what so ever, and the dying vestiges of a sun. the third yielded results, a Plasma Giant, roughly ten times the size of Jupiter, a long standing research program extending over six months allowed the crew to extract three Supper matter crystals for research and possibly engine replacements, of the twelve drones that were used only two returned, it was considered a great success, on the return journey, the engines failed three times, other wise, it was uneventful. It only burst into flames once anyway

A viewable map can (again) be found here: [1]

Location of the Rooms[edit]

Pictures up to date as of 18th April 2011.