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In the early 26th century, NanoTrasen started a broad colonization programme of Tau Ceti, with the goal of exploiting the vast phoron deposits that had been detected in that system. NanoTrasen soon claimed ownership of the system, and with Sol's permission established a quasi-government ruled by NT officials, and with the theoretical obligations to adhere to the Sol Consitution of Liberty.

Production began on the NSS Horizon in the year 2546 on the colony of Biesel, the exact same year the first Nanotrasen station, Baystation 12, was de-commisioned. The main architect of the station was a Sir Arthur Heinsworth, a Phd. graduate of the Lowell City University in Spacial Archetectual engineering. Production was going perfectly fine with Resident Construction's work force, until production arrived at the Science Department.

A expert from Osiris Atmospherics had to be called in to make sure that the pipes and vents wouldn't screw up the ventiliation in the Med-bay, which was currently being stocked with medical supplies thanks to the Second Red Cross Society. The expert said, "It's fine, you have nothing to worry about!" And production began again.

Sadly, in the year 2548, Sir Arthur Heinsworth died of a stroke late the evening before. Production was halted until Nanotrasen could find a replacement to lead the project. This though, did give the scientists at Blue Industries time to work on development for an engine for the new station.

Production began again in 2550, when Jacovich Perthskiel took up the position of head of development. The very same day, Blue Industries finished development and testing on the newly engineered, Singularity Engine. More and more bits and snitches of the station were being completed, including the finishing of the Science Department, the bridge, Security area, the mining hub, and the cargo-bay. The only thing left was Engineering and Atmospherics.

Yet again, workers from Osiris Atmospherics and the decendant of the old Earth company Home-Depot; Vessel Contracting, were hired to begin development of the two areas. Engineering was quickly finished, and the Engine was easily installed and tested, but Atmospherics was doing to well.

Because of one of the workers being 'high' while on-duty, the piping was screwed up, and it had to be completely re-done in Atmospherics. Nanotrasen quickly had the man fired, and sentenced to prison while his 'co-workers' fixed his screw-up.

Production was finally completed in the year 2555, two years after the NSV Luna was decommisioned. The NSS Horizon was then ready to sustain the lives of nearly fifty crewmembers, and so began the hiring of new employees to work aboard Nanotrasen's newest vessel.

Tau Ceti CentComm[edit]

Like in most NanoTrasen owned systems, stations and ships in Tau Ceti are managed by a Central Command Station. In the same spirit, Tau Ceti CentComm represents a sort of government, with full control over Tau Ceti military, police and secret services. CentComm furthermore serves as a sort of central hub for the various ships and stations, the large colony stations of the system, and the interstellar transport travelling between Tau Ceti and Sol.