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Medical Staff
Medical Doctor
Access: Medical
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Heal people
Guides: Guide To Medicine, Chemistry,Surgery


Being a medical doctor can be very boring at times but when you finaly get a patient you need to know what to do.

Firstly. Baystation has four main types of damage:

Suffocation -Caused by being in an area without air or generally not being able to breathe.

Brute -Caused by being attacked with stuff

Burn -Caused by being shot with an energy gun, being on fire and getting hit with stuff like welders

Toxins -Caused by radiation, poison or virii

Misc -This can be caused by bad cloning or slime attacks


You have two ways of doing this:

  • Health Scanner HUD

-Always wear this. It shows a little health bar over every person you see.

-If the health bar is full and dark green the patient is perfectly fine (or should be).

-If its light green and almost full the patient has minor damage he can be ignored to treat other patients.

-If its yellow and half full your patient has medium damaged and can be ignored to treat other more harmed patients

-If its red the patient is in "soft critical" wcich means he should be stabalized or put in cryo

-If its flashing red your patient is CRITICAL analyze him. If the patient is bleeding use your advanced trauama pack on the wounds. If he has toxins give him a pill then place him in cryo. Remember to use a roller bed instead of pulling him use inavaprovine to get you some extra time to get one if youre lucky a doctor will begin performing CPR while you get one

  • Health Analyzer

ALWAYS have one of these on you. You can view the damage your patient has with it and other stuff

-Blue damage is suffocation damage

-Red damage is brute damage

-Green damage is toxins

-Yellow damage is burns

It also gives you some extra information about the patient such as:

-Cloning damage

-Low blood count

-And lots of other stuff

  • Body scanner alias the Big Scanner

- Can show you the location of fractures

- Can tell you if the patient has an unknown virus (unknown pathogen detected in blood stream)

- Can show you all internal damage the patient has

- Radiation on your patient

- And ALOT of other things

Basicly. An upgraded analyzer

But... How do I treat my patient?[edit]

Now... Lets get to the fun stuff

  • Toxins

- Can be treated slowly by cryo

- Is generally treated with anti toxins

- If radiation it can also be treated by Hyronalin or Arithrazine (only use this in severe cases)

- If you know its poison you can do a dialysis in a sleeper

- A sleeper is a very effective way of making sure the patient always has anti toxins since you can pump as many of them as you want as fast as you want into your patient. Can also be treated with tricordrazine

  • Brute

-Easily treatable my applying a trauma kit to the wound (make sure to mark where you want to apply it on the far right)

-If you also apply a burn kit the wound will heal faster. Good for "soft critical" patients

-Gauze is a less effective version of the trauma kit and ointment is a less effective version of the burn kit

-You can also use various chemicals such as: Bicardine, Tricordrazine for treating brute damage

  • Burns

-Easily treatable my applying a burn pack on the wound

-If you also apply a trauma kit it will heal faster

-Ointment is the less effective version of the burn kit (in case you didnt read the brute damage healing.)

-Kelotane, Dermaline and tricordrazine can be used to treat burns. Dermaline is the most effective one

  • Suffocation

-Firstly... Give the patient AIR!!. If the patient has internals on and the air is breathe able turn them off they may be empty.

-If the patient is coughing up blood or is gasping for air in a breathe able enviromment even with internals off they probaly have a ruptured lung confirm this using the body scanner then do a lung surgery

-Suffocation damage can also be treated using dexalin or delaxin plus. Dexalin plus is much more effective

-You can use inavaprovine to stop suffocation in critical patients. Therefor it is a very good stabalizer

-CPR will also help critical patients get air. If you can get the patient to cryo use this instead

  • Other stuff

-Cloning damage can be cured by cryogenic tubes

-Holo damage can be rested out

-If you find someone with genetic tissue damage ask for a clean SE from genetics if that dosent help then get the patient some ryetalyn from chemistry

All the other conditions[edit]

  • Bone fractures

-If you can see them on your health analyzer splint them

-Put the patient in a bone scanner to see how they received the damage then preform a bone repair surgery on them

  • Internal damage

-Perform an internal damage organs surgery on the patient

-If its alot of damage have someone watching the patients condition making sure the patient dosent die during the surgery

-If its minor you can give him peridaxon from chemistry

  • Not much blood

-Take your patient to surgery take a blood pack from the freezer stick it into a IV drip attach it to the patient and make sure the patient dosent die of suffocation


-If the patient is critical put the patient into cryo if not do an internal bleeding surgery on him ASAP (remember to check where the internal bleeding is located using the body scanner)

  • Oh god... The arm fell off

-Dont worry Jim. Attach a robotic one (bug the roboticists) where the missing limb should be using a limb reattachment surgery

  • XENO!

-If the body scanner says your patient has a foreign body growing inside of it do a alien embryo surgery on him (perform a ghetto one if needed)

  • BAD SURGEONS (wound infection)

-If your patient gets toxin damage right after a surgery. It was likely a incorrectly performed surgery.

-Apply ointment to the wound

  • Viruses (Actually virii but yeah...)

-A virii can be seen by: sneezing, coughing, twitching, vomiting, hallucinations, people exploding randomly, radiation, raised body temperature (use your health analyzer to check the temperature), drolling, toxins, people randomly turning into monkeys, and lots of other stuff (headache)

-Put the patient into a body scanner if it says unknown viral infection detected you know he has a virus

-Give your patient spaceacillin to slow it down (or in some cases, cure) then send him to the virologist

-Isolate all infected and make sure to wear sterile masks and latex gloves

  • Inflamed appendix

-Your health scanner HUD shows a green face where the red cross should be

-Your health analyzer says "Inflamed appendix"

-Remove it with a surgery

  • Radiation

-Warning. Can be lethal!

-If its minor-medium radiation give your patient hyronalin

-If its major give your patient arithrazine

  • Brain damage

-You have 2 forms of brain damage

-If its the one where its the percentage number at the tops thats read. Give your patient alkysine

-If the patient has the damage at the brain farther down fix the hematoma with a surgery

  • Your patient cant see...

-If the patients pupils move when penlighted (target the eyes of your patient turn your penlight on and make sure youre on the help intent) give your patent imidozaline

-If they dont move do an eye surgery

How to set up cryo[edit]

  • Go to the freezer
  • Set it to the lowest it can be
  • Place one of the beaker on the table in every cryo cell

Now you dont need to get angry at other doctors when cryo isnt set up


There is alot of stuff you could do as a traitor medical doctor. You could give your target sleep toxin instead of medicine then take him hostage. You could poison your target or kill them during a surgery. But it may be suspicous if you leave the medbay in search of your target. If youre lucky a scientist will give you a syringe gun that you can fill with sleep toxin syringes.

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