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Centcomm Staff
Emergency Responce Team Operative
Access: Everywhere
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Centcomm Officials
Duties: Make sure the station stabalizes
Guides: Baystation Wiki Guide , Dealing with Antags

Before the mission[edit]

You want to talk with your leader about how to work effectively and what gear to carry before you enter the station. Having a bad plan or choosing the wrong gear can result in you dying.

  • JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE A GHOST YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE SITUATION ON THE STATION IS LIKE. Except if the crew sent a fax to Centcomm about their situation
  • ALWAYS listen to your leader. Value his orders highly, not listening can result in further actions being taken against you when you come back from a succesful operation. ONLY oppose him if he is harming crew or important equipment without a valid reason (the commander could be killing one person to save several others, or destroying equipment because they have to save someone). And don't immediately aim a gun at his face for ordering a bad thing. Talk first!
  • It's recommended for ERT to work in teams if it's a sec problem(exeptions apply). One ERT alone can be beaten by an assistant with a stun baton
  • Remember to stay flexible. You're made to deal with every kind of situation
  • Don't always go security ERT. If there's an engineering problem fix that. Same goes for medical. Do not go security unless there's an actual security problem
  • It's always a good idea to ask your commander if you should take a stun revolver even though you're a non-sec ERT

Arming up[edit]

You made a plan, you know what you're going to go for. Let's get our gear!

All ERT's

  • Common Sense
  • Magboots
  • It is generally a good idea to take a flash with you, many traitors want your ID. If in doubt ask your commander

Security ERT SecurityERT.png

  • Take arms based on the stations situation. Some people take a SAW when the station is filled with thieves. Do not do that, only take a SAW if the station is being attacked by a Well-Armed and Confirmed Hostile group, If in doubt ask your commander.
  • If you are going sec ERT you should take an energy gun. But If you're in doubt. Ask your commander.
  • It is a good idea to carry a basic first aid kit at all times
  • Lots of cuffs You wont get more without going to the stations security, or asking your commander for permission to go back
  • Only take C4 IF NEEDED think about what an antag could do with it
  • It is a very good idea to carry a stun revolver, incase your energy gun gets stolen
  • Take a stun baton
  • You can always put Night Vision Goggles into your security belt, if theres power problems
  • A flash is generally, a very good idea to carry
  • Take flash-bangs and smoke grenades depending on the stations situation, its generally a good idea to carry atleast one flash-bang. If you're in doubt ask your commander

Engineering ERT EngineeringERT.png

  • Take an RCD and make sure everyone gets an equal number of cartdriges
  • Take basic supplies
  • Use common sense
  • When you find out what the problem is with the station. Make sure you have gear to deal with that

Medical ERT MedicalERT.png

  • Be prepared to treat all kinds of patients
  • Lots of healthy doctor common sense
  • Take body and stasis bags
  • Remember a Hypnospray
  • Depending on the stations situation you can take a brown or black webbing vest, and put gear in that

Commander ERT COMMANDER ERT Finished.png

  • Put your intelli card and pinpointer into a black webbing vest you got from the security ERT area
  • You are very flexible. Take equipment based on the situation
  • Make sure you carry atleast one self defense weapon

The last thing

  • Make sure you have EVERYTHING. I once commanded an ERT that forgot his gas-mask...

We have arrived![edit]

  • Inform the station about your arrival over the command channel

Let the operation begin hopefully you planned it

  • Only call the EVAC shuttle if it cannot be fixed
  • Stay together at all times and try to minimize looses of operatives and crew aboard the Horizon (they aren't cheap to replace)
  • Make sure to answer when your commander calls up your squad name or name on the radio. You could be demoted when you get back to Centcomm if you don't

Sheizer! Im the commander[edit]

  • Make sure you have a plan when going out and that you assemble your operatives into teams or go as a big group. Make sure the groups dont split
  • You generally want to act like a professional operative from Central Command
  • Make sure the captain does what he/she is supposed to do
  • Make sure Your operatives do what they're supposed to do
  • When the alert level gets lowered to blue, it's generally a good time to leave. But make sure to inform command before you leave
  • Assign a second in command incase you die or go SSD
  • Make sure to inform the station about you being the commander
  • Make sure you have a back-up plan and give that plan a code name, incase someone steals an operatives headset
  • ONLY DETONATE THE NUCLEAR BOMB IF: The station is under quarantine (could be a Xenomorphic infestation or virus). You cannot control this (remember you can call an ERT again). And... if its the only option. And if you do it try to minimize loss of crew (The important bit here is it being the only option)

What You're supposed to do[edit]

  • Your ultimate objective is to stabalize the stations situation. That essentially means making sure it can lower its alert level to code blue
  • You are not a rescue squad
  • You are not a death squad
  • You are not an ERP squad

If Jamie or any other Staff member tells you what to do. Then do that, they can override these statements (they're basicly centcomm)

Last but not least[edit]

Have fun!

Job template picture taken from http://wiki.baystation12.net/index.php/ERT

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