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ERP: The magical land where people masturbate to text.

So what is ERP really?[edit]

Well, in short, ERP is an acronym that stands for Erotic Role-Play. Basically, it's when you roleplay one of the few things that the internet is most capable of: sex. It's the equivalent to sexting, really.

What are some examples of ERP?[edit]


This is the most simplest example: > Person 1 starts to insert their penis into Person 2's vagina. > Person 2 moans.

So how do I become an 'ERPer'?[edit]


  • Describe how big your boobs are (Even if you're a tajaran, it's ok! You have THREE pairs of boobs to deal with! Unathi are better, because then they're SCALY boobs, and who doesn't like it rough?!?!) in your flavor text.
  • Explain how sexy and submissive you are in 3 paragraphs of flavor text.
  • Have it so that if anybody looks into your characters eyes, they become instantly horny
  • Be very, very descriptive in your me commands.
    • "Person moans." doesn't just do it well, "Person moans as she/he feels the dick go in and out of he(r) vagina/anus" is better!
  • Roleplay ALL your fantasies in the chat! (For example, sticking hair into your PENIS! WOW! OR TURNING INTO MULTIPLE TENTACLES)
  • Stick your dick in everything you can pizza's ai's holes in the bathroom wall.
  • cable cuff all the humans and rape them in the toilet.
  • be Sshadow bend perlek over and pound dat ass

Ok, i'm serious now.[edit]

Well, in short, ERP is when people have sex over text. Many people put their fantasies over the lore itself, causing multiple lorebreaks. A few good examples of lorebreak:

  • Tajaran having only 1 pair of giant tits (Tajaran don't have tits, they have 6 nipples that extend when they need to feed their young while pregnant.)
  • Every single human looking like female playboy models (You're saying that you look too dirty to even be on the Exodus)
  • Skrell having ERP (They can't, they don't have vaginas. They reproduce like fish.)
  • Aviskree having ERP (They have cloaca. Google cloaca to figure out what a cloaca is.)
  • Having sex 95% of the shift (Nanotrasen expects you to WORK. Not have SEX EVERY FIVE MINUTES.)

If you can successfully ERP while following the lore (This is hard for most people to grasp) then you probably won't be fucked over. Even then, you'll probably still be fucked over by an admin.

Good luck.