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Syndicate Staff
Assimilation Borg
Access: Maintenance.
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: The Syndicate
Duties: Convert people, chant "One of us" repeatedly, gibbingtons.
Guides: This page.

One of us, One of us, One of us - Average Internet User.

Welcome to the herd! You're one of the most brilliantly designed robots made by the syndicate to turn the entire station into exact copies of yourself.

The great siege of the N.S.S Horizon

You start of in the exact same hut the Nuke Ops spawn, meaning you also get their shuttle. Your suit is slightly different however, in the fact that it's a black coloured, average space suit and not having a c20-r smg. This means you'll have to do with what you buy using the radio and what's on the ship.

You should focus on going under-cover, rather then going guns blazing. Your job is to convert people into more borgs, not kill the entire station. It's easily the biggest fuck up people make. Remember that despite the fact that you are a hostile invader, you're still forced to role-play whenever possible. Even if it are a few lines whilst assimilating, it's better then nothing.

There are many guns, but this one is mine

The shuttle comes pre-equipped with syndicate toolboxes, energy guns and a fighter pod. Try to grab as much as you can, because keeping everything laying around to never be taken is a waste.

When you're ready, go to the cockpit and send the shuttle straight to N.S.S Horizon. Remember where you've parked it, as well as closing the shutters. It's a great safe haven when thing's turn dark. Your ID has maintenance access as well, which will make it easy to move around unnoticed.

Ground Control to Major Tom

You have access to a special radio network transmitted from the Telecommunications Mainframe at the bottom of your ship. It's useable by using the ; key. Having good code words will help you not only distinguish the originals from the assimilated, but also makes you look professional.

They've got guns n' shit!

When things turn into a shootout, it's the best to bail. Not only are you underpowered and underwhelmed, you are also buying them time to get things from the armory and make other preparations to hold off an assault.

Try to eliminate key-areas first, armory and cargo are key-points to crippling the station's ability to deal with the assimilation.

One of us, One of us

Thanks to your next-gen gloves, you are capable of assimilating people into more borgs! Assimilation is done by grabbing someone in a choke hold and pressing the assimilate verb in the appropriate tab. You will slowly force microscopic nanites into one's bloodstream that horribly tear apart the body, before exploding and turning it into another assimilation borg. Your gloves also double as stun gloves, which can be used by simply punching someone! As a cherry on top, they're also shock proof!

Be aware that it's best to do this in maintenance, if you don't want them to know your true intentions. That is if you managed to get on the station without causing issues.

All lethal military androids have been taught to read and provided with one copy of the Laws of Robotics. To share

Remember, don't kill other assimilation borgs. You're an idiot if you did even consider it. If one goes rogue and starts shooting others, you ahelp it. You are to work together as a herd to assimilate the masses and become the primary mass.

The AI will probably try to kill you, as not only are you not crew, but those that you assimilate are also not crew (unless disguised as one). It's best to either subvert the AI or take it out. A good disguise can do miracles, too. In the case where AI is onto you, you'd better get a good cover up or take it out quickly.


The round automatically ends when you have assimilated a pre-determined amount of people. This is a big majority of the people, so prepare for long drag outs to find those hiding in lockers and holing up in other well-hidden places. At this point you should probably be getting either the other borgs to help you in this or tell the last remaining humans to surrender (and that resistance is futile).

Can you hear me, major Tom?

If you end up failing, then the round will just go on until the shuttle's called. If you're the only one alive, either try to perform a miracle or surrender and hope for the best. It's you against the station, so try not to get yourself killed.

Why has thou forsaken me?

Sometimes, the admins might have something special up their sleeve when either two scenarios happen.