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Miscellaneous Staff
Access: Cash Exchange Office
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Exchange Cash, beg mining for metal.
Guides: None


Welcome Accountant! You've been approved by Nanotrasen to monitor people's accounts, hand out loans and do everything else that's money related. Never syphon everyone's accounts unless you're antag, because NT will find out (as well as the station/admins at one point).

Your Office[edit]

You spawn inside your perfectly confined accountant's office, featuring most tools you need to successfully do your job!

  • Accounts uplink console: Allow's you to view and manage everyone else's bank accounts (also making new ones). This is your bread and butter!
  • Cash Exchange: It's like the monopoly machine! Insert two ID's to swap money between the two, it can also be used to exchange cash into smaller bils. Or convert coins into regular cash and finally make credit chips. These chips can be used in vending machines.
  • Coin Press & Safe: It let's you forge minerals into coins, which can be exchanged for more credits!
  • ATM: Allow's you to get money from your account and new one's you've created.


You don't want to be forgotten, much like the chaplain do you? Well, how about you do a few things to make your presence known! Hand out wallets, lend out loans (if you get security to back you up) and everything else you can come up with. Shout it over common if necessary, people'll come at one point. If you get some miners to convince you to spend their useful minerals on your worthless coins, you're in for one hell of a ride!

All this scratching's making me rich![edit]

Being a traitor as an accountant is equal to being an assistant, people'll barely notice you, your access is piss-poor, but what puts you at an advantage is that you can make use of the Account uplink console to create yourself a near infinite supply of money, making your life a bit more easy.

Syphoning Account's[edit]

If you have to earn a certain amount of money as a traitor, this is the best way to do so. Not only that, but other traitor's will find out that this is the only manner in properly doing so. So you'd better watch your back.